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Don & Sue Kohn
Don & Sue Kohn purchased KESM AM & FM in 1985. Within the first two weeks of
ownership, the Kohn's added stereo. They also increased the FM power from 3000
to 6000 watts.

KESM has a 100% digital stereo sound. KESM is proud to be "The Voice of the
Bulldogs & Buffaloes".

Don & Sue are proud to make El Dorado Springs their home since 1986.
Don is mostly retired and enjoys going to auctions. Sue is very active as the board
President of the El Dorado Springs Friends of the Library, Inc. And they both enjoy
spending time with their grandchildren. So the next time you see them, ask to look
at their pictures.

When it comes to music, Don knows his stuff! He enjoys almost every genre of
music, and loves to share his passion for music with everyone. There isn't a day that
goes by when Don isn't sampling music in his office. And when I say
music...anything goes. He enjoys classic country, Broadway show tunes, Frank
Sinatra, Tony Bennett & Bobby Darin. You can even catch him singing tunes by
Gretchen Wilson and Hot Apple Pie.

Next to Christmas, Don's favorite time of the year is Picnic time! He never misses a
minute of the El Dorado Springs Founder's Day Picnic. You can always find him in
the park, under the canopy, of the KESM broadcast booth. And every year, on the
Monday after the Picnic, you can hear him say, "I don't know how they did it, but that
was the best picnic ever!"